“The body is the house of GodManknow thyself, and thou shalt know the gods.”- Ancient Egyptian Proverb  

         Sexual alchemy is...

An ancient practice that involves transmutation of the sexual fluid. It is about controlling and guiding your sexual energy through your physical/etheric body and opening higher states of consciousness for spiritual awakening.
These practices were often accompanied by rituals and worship of gods and goddesses and were reserved for those who had already reached a certain stage with their spiritual practices and evolution.

The transformation process involves techniques that are harnessing sexual energy to strength and elevate creative force in man. The soul have to go through alchemical process in order to make you free from physical matter, free from our lower desires (food, sex, power) and transform itself into a golden soul. 

  Not only in the age of pharaohs but also in our modern society sexual energy transmutation and tantric principles are still being used in the business, art and many others physical manifestations. 
 The goddess of Khemet (ancient Egypt) Hathor was considered as a powerful alchemist. She guided souls through the heart initiation and is associated with the planet Venus. 
 The Hathor Mystery school is a Royal Venus path, that honors the body and sacred sensuality, Divine Materialism, Divine Love and Sacred Sexuality. Hathor is master of sound, energy and love. The sound in Hathor's understanding is the ultimate nature and foundation of all reality that is vibratory in nature and matter is simply vibration at a certain harmonic. 
 Sexuality is the most natural thing in the human existence, but it's being destroyed and demonized (sex and porn industry, religious doctrines). It becomes feared and taught by culture, it is reflection of cultural spirituality, morals and sociological principles. We are socialized and programmed into sexuality, even sexual rebels are products of their cultures. 
  Tantra is the path of ultimate truth based in the perception of non dual reality.
Everything is energy in different manifestations and the most profound and powerful is energy of creation and we can use it internally for our own evolution. 


Introduction to Egyptian Tantra

In Khemet (ancient Egypt) the Neteru were not merely deities to be worshipped but also embodiments of intelligence and archetypal energies or cosmic principles of creation which live inside and outside of us like a external reflection of our internal world. Their understanding about anatomy of the spirit was very important so they constructed the temples dedicated to deities and were used for healing, rituals and for connecting with the gods. Egyptian society was based on alchemy (Al-Khm-the black art, the understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter), magic, science, study of creation and wisdom of the body. 
 They were masters of manifestations and they knew the power of sexual energy. Khemetians didn't view sex as some pleasurable thing, but a way man can bring the soul to the Earth. Priests and priestesses led the rituals and they were considered as the intermediaries between god and man. The temples were constructed in a specific order along the Nile river. Nile symbolize our spine and 7 main temples symbolize 7 main energetic centers. 
 Divine Feminine Temples
 The Temple of Isis - Auset (second energy center - Tekh, element of water) is dedicated to the mother goddess of Love, divine law Maat, creation, fertility and sacred sexuality. The Temple is located in the south Egypt in Lake Nasser and is surrounded by water to remind us that creation arose from bodily fluids sperm and blood in a woman's womb and the primeval waters. 
 Everything is recorded in the memory of water and is linked to our DNA, ancestral lines and emotions. Power of Isis was associated with the flooding of the Nile river, which ensured the fertility of the land in the year to come. 
 Fertility rituals, menstrual blood rituals, offering the body and blood sacrifices were practiced for connecting with the consciousness of the creation. When we are working with Isis we work with feelings, ingrained beliefs that we have accumulated throughout or lives. However, it is important to follow law of polarity and work also with its counterpart the male principle Osirus to reconnect our power within us. The Egyptian tantric path is about reconnecting our masculine and feminine energy as a whole. This is how a sacred union and reconnection with the source, our heart can occur.
 The Temple of Hathor - Hethert (forth energy center - Kheper, element of air) was dedicated to the art, beauty, music, dance, joy and sacred sexuality. The oldest Zodiac in the world there was found. The main purpose of the temple was to align with the heart of the Mother Goddess and understand our true nature. 
  For thousands of years the magical power of transformation, birth and death was considered a cyclical feminine principle. Their ultimate symbol was the female womb, that is the portal for the soul and connects the spiritual with the physical dimension.  The male principle of Hathor is Horus, she is sometimes depicted as the Eye of Ra or with a cow's head or as a woman with the sun disc of Venus above her head. She is often associated with the night sky and the Milky way.
  Hathor was mainly worshiped by pharaohs and rulers because they believed that she would bring them fertility and abundance. 
 When we work with Hathor we are working directly with the subconscious mind, dark energy, our shadows and the moon. 
   Everyone has the natural power that is hidden in our subconsciousness. 
  Dark Matter and Dark Energy constitute 95% of the total mass - energy content in the Universe and 95% of our daily actions are controlled by our subconscious mind.   

Shadow work and Tantra

When we practice tantra, first of all it is necessary to follow divine order and to work with the first three energy centers - our lower self and take a responsibility for our own shadows. There are often blockages and energy is unable to circulate freely, it is also responsible for the fact that people don't experience the life as they desire. They don't feel fully rooted in this reality, they may have health issues, addictions and feel disconnected from their own bodily sensations. They may have childhood traumas that may not even be aware of and it can create psychosis (nervous system freeze mode).
 It's particularly important to learn regulate our nervous system and undertake certain daily practices. 
Sexual energy works as an amplifier and we need to get rid of blockages first and cleanse ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally before we can use her internally for our own evolution.

 3 Healing Phases  
1. Denial, ignorance - most society
 2. Validation - awakening, unblocking and working with the subconscious, dark goddess
 -it has the power to transcend through the heart, the mind - body healing
 3. Transcendence - overcoming the boundaries, lower desires and lower emotions, bringing our shadows into enlightenment with the Divine, higher heart consciousness activation
 - connecting with our higher self, true self..universe..source..god..
 The shadows including its erotic manifestations, hold the key to the whole self, as opposed to the limited self, which most of us have become accustomed.
   The highest frequency in the universe is the frequency of love, we transform our shadows through the heart, use their potentials and restore their power, transforming into the golden shadow.
Working with the light goddess and the remembrance of our divine sovereignty, because we are always cocreating with the source.